Shipping Information

- We offer WORLDWIDE shipping! 

- Our base rate shipping is £3.50 (allow for local currency conversions).

- Please ask if you have any specific shipping requirements,

- We estimate shipping times from the point of sale to your purchase reaching your hands

- We pledge to fulfill and ship your order as soon as possible after your order

- Most orders will reach you within 14 days, although some products will take up to 35 days depending on your location. 

Any queries or questions you have will be resolved to your satisfaction.

- We sell a wide range of products. These products are sourced from diverse locations, from at home in the United Kingdom, to the US and China. Because of this, your shipping time will be personal and unique to you.

- We estimate shipping times from the point of sale to reaching your hands, to be from 2 to 6 weeks at most. - Fulfilling your order and ensuring we maintain high standards of quality takes time, and we only want to offer you our best work

- We will inform you of your respective shipping time after receiving your order, and will offer the longest expected time until you receive your product in order to be as honest as possible. But we will also offer you our realistic and optimistic prediction of when you receive your order.

We thank you for your patience and gratefully await your next order!

- Famous George