We are aiming to have orders delivered by Christmas but be advised, we may not be able to with certain products. Please contact before placing your order if this is an issue, and we will do all we can to assist you!

A brand for dreamers, by the creatives

We started with a small apparel line, but we are quickly expanding into a variety of products that make your creative lifestyle as integrated with your work flow as possible.
   Our First Logo
  • Our goal is to expand into interior design, technology, architecture, film production, publishing, music & events, and philanthropy.

Our Brand Concept Art

  • When you buy Famous George, you aren't just buying a product, you're buying a piece of an ambitious future, a dream, a moment
 Our very first product on our "Millenial Print Tartan"
  • In Season 2 we were inspired by technology, hip-hop culture, classic literature, entrepreneurship, contemporary art, and of course our first love: science.

Our latest product, the “Rolling Stone” Unisex Backpack

  • It would mean the world to us if we had your thoughts on what we can do better, or products or designs you'd like to see next.
  • Hit us up in the ‘Support’ section above! We want to be the best brand we can be.